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Digital Anatomy Solutions

Precision in your hands.

The J850™ Digital Anatomy™ 3D Printer comes pre-programmed with a series of anatomical applications, developed in partnership with medical device manufacturers, world-class research institutions, hospitals and medical personnel. Accurate, realistic and functional, you can achieve the feel, behavior and dimensions of the real thing. And we’re only just beginning.

DAP vascular veins

Vascular modeling made easy.

The Digital Anatomy 3D Printer comes equipped with a bank of pre-programmed settings for vascular applications. Replicate the feel, function and dimensions of vascular models with variable compliance, to replicate both healthy and diseased vessels.


Digital Anatomy solutions offer a range of pre-programmed options that replicate the tissue and vessel types you want to study. You select your parameters and the system automatically varies vessel compliance to your selection. An entirely new way to study human anatomy.


Our technology can create fine vascular structures down to just 1mm in internal diameter and 1mm wall thickness. As you determine the structures you want to work with, it varies wall thickness to mimic vessel compliance. It creates extraordinarily lifelike results that provide clinically realistic haptic feedback to device deployment.


Vascular structures that mimic reality allow precision simulation of clinical procedures, like guide wire and catheter insertion, TAVR deployment, AAA grafts and LAAC. They accurately replicate blood flow and can reproduce calcification visible under fluoroscopy, making them invaluable tools for practitioners and product developers.

3d printed heart Transparent

Cardiac modeling as you’ve never felt it before.

The Digital Anatomy 3D Printer is pre-programmed with a selection of cardiac applications. The materials needed are automatically selected based on the settings you choose for specific cardiac reproductions. You can also create your own model variations, allowing you to work with the human heart in any way you need to.


The results created by the Digital Anatomy Printer are realistic in feel and superbly detailed. It can even produce models that replicate very fine anatomy, like cordae tendinae, valve leaflets and annuli, allowing absolute understanding of the cardiac structure and how it behaves under surgical conditions.


Our proprietary ultra-soft materials offer lifelike representation of human anatomy. Cardiac models are created using materials that offers clinically realistic haptic feedback, allowing simulation of surgical and clinical procedures and device performance in a true-to-life scenario.


Cardiac applications are designed to maintain compliance, offer durability, and replicate reality. Their functioning features offer an accurate experience of procedures like cutting and suturing, device placement and patching, which makes them invaluable learning and development tools.

Easy cleaning

This cleaning station is designed to clean models quickly and easily. Using sodium hydroxide in a pressure-regulated, closed-loop system, it safely removes support materials like GelMatrix™ resin. Even with the most delicate structures, the station will gently remove support materials from vessels down to an inner diameter of 1mm.

Time saving

The station allows multiple models to be cleaned at the same time and without the need for manual supervision. Simply set it up and walk away, significantly reducing post-processing time and allowing more effective and efficient working.

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