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3D printer materials

3D Printer Materials and Filament

To ensure ultimate performance and quality, we provide a robust range of advanced materials and filaments.

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3D printer materials and filament.

To ensure ultimate performance and quality, we provide a robust range of advanced 3D printing materials and filaments in the below three distinctive tiers:

  • Stratasys Preferred: Preferred by Stratasys for its customers for the highest performance applications. These materials are engineered to provide the best combination of material and printer performance and are developed either by Stratasys or third-party material partners.
  • Stratasys Validated: Materials validated by Stratasys with basic reliability testing to accelerate the expansion of material options available in the marketplace. These materials may or may not be exclusive to Stratasys.
  • Open: Unvalidated materials accessed via an Open Material License (OML). These materials may offer unique attributes and the potential to address new applications but they have not received validation testing or optimization relative to performance and functionality on a Stratasys printer.

Specifically created for tooling, functional prototyping, jigs & fixtures and end-use production parts, the Stratasys materials & filaments meet the most demanding industry standards.

3d printed aircraft part

Make sure it's always the best.

The Stratasys Aircraft Interiors Solution gives aerospace companies a faster, more streamlined process.

3d printed parfume bottle

Make it as vibrant as your ideas.

With its exquisite detail and unsurpassed realism, Stratasys’s range of clear, flexible and rigid PolyJet materials can help you 3D print prototypes that look and feel like the final product.

"Time is our greatest enemy. With the Stratasys F370, we can spare more resources for other complex designs, saving logistic and prototyping costs and time. Developing a drone used to take up to a year, now we have it down to around eight months."

FAQ - Validated Materials

1. Can you further clarify the difference between an FDM Preferred vs Validated material? FDM Preferred materials are fully tuned and tested to yield optimal performance.  Validated materials go through an abbreviated qualification process to accelerate the commercialization of new materials that achieve good print performance.

2. Do you need to purchase a material license or bundle to use Validated material? No, an OpenAM is not required but is recommended for customers interested in further optimizing Validated materials to meet their desired requirements.

3. What is the Fortus 450mc system configuration needed to run a Validated material? Your Fortus 450mc must have the hardened hardware upgrade (PN 316-63500) to print Validated materials.

4. For a partner developed Validated material, do I purchase it from a Stratasys reseller or directly from the partner supplier? All Validated materials can be purchased directly from Stratasys or through Stratasys resellers.

5. When will Validated materials be available to order and ship? Validated materials will be available to order and ship in November 2022.

6. What slice heights are offered with each Validated material? Validated material will be available in 10 slice, with additional slices  available on select materials.

7. Can I process my parts in either GCP or Insight if I use a Validated material? Yes, Validated materials will use identical processing and printing workflows like Stratays Preferred materials.

8. How do I find out what the appropriate tip, support material, and build sheet to pair with the Validated material? Data sheets and user guides will list the appropriate tip and support material required for each.  

9. What is the impact to my existing warranty or service agreements if I use a Validated material? There is no change to existing hardware warranty or service agreements if you choose to use Validated materials.

10. Validated materials are qualified using basic reliability testing.  Can you define what "basic" means? Validated materials go through the same R&D process as Preferred materials but with some reduced requirements.  This means in some cases, certain parts may not achieve the same aesthetic quality as a Preferred material but should be sufficient for a vast majority of parts.

11. Are Validated material datasheets currently available? Validated materials data sheets will be posted on the Stratasys material website at commercial launch in Q4 2022.

12. What information/data will be provided with a Validated material? All Validated materials will have its own basic data sheet and user guide.  An updated test procedure will also be published detailing how testing was performed.

13. Will these specific Validated materials be offered on the F900?  If so, when? The Validated materials offered on the Fortus 450mc will eventually be offered on the F900, though no specific launch date has been set.   

14. Will these specific Validated materials be offered on the F770?  If so, when? There are no current plans to offer these specific Validated materals on the F770.

15. What is on your Validated materials roadmap? The Validated materials program is intended to accelerate Stratasys ability to bring more materials to market quicker through partnerships with chemistry providers in order to address specific customer needs. 

16. Are the new Ultem 9085 colors certified for aerospace and include similar CoA data? CoA's and FAR 25.853 will NOT be made available for the new Ultem 9085 colors.

17. What are the key attributes of each Validated material that will be commercialized? Kimya PC-FR - Unfilled PC: good strength & stiffness, chemical resistance and thermal stability, flame resistance that meets EN45545.  Additional ULTEM™ 9085 resin colors, PC-ABS colors, & PC colors

18. If I have an issue with a partner Validated material, do I contact Stratasys or the material partner to troubleshoot through print quality and reliability issues? Customers will follow the same customer service escalation process through Stratasys as they do today.

19. Who do I contact when I have a material question? You can contact your reseller or Stratasys sales support with any questions on the materials.

20. Will Stratasys further optimize Validated materials and elevate to a Preferred material state? It is possible for a Validated material to be elevated to a Preferred material in the future.  Market demands will determine what and when materials could be elevated.

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