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India (English)

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F3300, our new MVP, works faster and harder than any FDM printer out there. Doubling throughput and lowering the cost per part.

Looking for F3300 throughput details?  This webinar is the spot.

Experience the future of additive printing technology with the groundbreaking Stratasys F3300, the latest addition to the Industrial FDM family from Stratasys. Designed for manufacturing, this system lowers part costs, boosts productivity, reduces labor, and increases uptime.

Why Attend?

Learn more about one of the industry-leading features that sets F3300 apart from the rest – its throughput.

Our Additive Manufacturing specialists will share details on parts produced using F3300 and share throughput data.  Learn how and why F3300 has up to 2X throughput which results in up to a 45% lower cost per part.


  • Welcome and Introduction
  • F3300 at 2024 AMUG - Event Recap
  • F3300 System Overview
  • Parts Review
  • Throughput Data

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