Honda Access 3D Printing Case Study


Honda Access Shifts its Customization Options into High Gear with 3D Printing

Honda Access Co. Ltd. thrives on customization. A subsidiary of Honda Group and headquartered in Tokyo, Honda Access manufactures accessories for cars, motorcycles and other items worldwide. One of its specialties is customizing accessories to local buyers’ preferences.

Accessories play an important role in differentiating global sales; hence, the available accessories for any given Honda model range anywhere from two to three hundred items.

Wheel prototype model printed by Objet Eden500V: divided into few pieces and assembled.

Wheel prototype model printed with an Objet Eden500V: divided into a few pieces and assembled.

“The Stratasys 3D Printer not only offers quality prototypes with fine details, it also enables our company to enhance customer satisfaction by synchronizing the development cycle of both the vehicle and the OEM accessories we create. Its user-friendliness further allows our designers to be more creative.”

Hiroshi Takemori, senior design researcher, product planning department