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Finishing & Assembling

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Finishing Assembly

The Finishing Touches

The design and manufacturing processes are important, but before a part is ready to fulfill its application, it may need final touches. Our expert staff of finishers provide surface treatment and assembly solutions to ensure your parts meet the right tolerances and have the quality look and feel you need. 

Whether your functional prototype needs post-processing to meet performance standards or your production part needs careful painting, we’re ready to help make your part perfect. We can build and assemble large parts with expert precision.

Post-Processing Offerings

Content Finishing Assembly


The small build volume of a particular technology doesn’t have to scale down your vision. Our expert assemblers have precise methods curated over decades for the perfect assembly.

Content Finishing Hand Sanding

Hand Finishing

To prep and smooth the exterior and interior of parts we offer support removal, hand sanding, sealing, media blasting, tumbling, machining to tolerances and micro-welded inserts.

Content Finishing SurfaceTreatment

Surface Treatments

Improve your part’s appearance with vapor polishing, paint, mold-tec finishes, decals, texturizing, primer, rubberized paint, electroplating, artwork and dying.

From one-off prototypes, to low-volume production, we have the experience and engineering know-how to support you

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