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Case Study

Accuracy and Design Freedom Expedite Medical Devices Innovation

March 26, 2024
Hiroshi Takezaki CEO TryTrec

The Opportunity 

TryTec is a small company with 30 employees located in the Oita Prefecture on the southern island of Japan. It manufactures and sells components for steel civil engineering-related industries.

The company's main focus traditionally was the steel industry. In view of the expected decline in that market in the following 20 years, Mr. Takezaki, the representative of the company, was looking to diversify into new areas. 


The Challenge

After a presentation of needs by doctors at Nagasaki University, he decided to start a new business in a completely different industry: medical devices. At first, they tried injection molding, but it was difficult to achieve the required accuracy and shape. The team also tried 3D printing from four or five companies though they could not produce satisfactory prototypes.

The Solution

It was then that Mr Takezaki came across Origin® One from Stratasys. That turned out to be a game changer for him, as it allowed him to start his new business. The company has designed their first medical device with Origin One. Oplys, an endoscopic cleaning device is now in testing and certification phase.

Hirsohi CEO

In the past, it has been difficult to make molds for such shapes using injection molding. Now, we can successfully develop with Origin One and without any support material, I was able to print it.

Watch the video to learn how Origin One and Stratasys engineering support enabled Trytec innovative design. 



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