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Stratasys delivers the 'Missing Link' for LAIKA Studios.

aaron pearson
Aaron Pearson March 26, 2020
March 26, 2020

We like saying our customers can “Make it with Stratasys” – tapping into the power of 3D printing to turn great ideas into innovation and success. For three decades, our team has helped industry leaders capitalize on Additive Manufacturing to make things easier, faster and more reliably than ever before – from prototypes and tooling to final part production.  Now our technology is hitting the big screen, as Stratasys and LAIKA Studios partner to introduce the new animated feature film, “Missing Link” – hitting theaters worldwide tomorrow (April 12).

Based in Portland, Oregon, LAIKA is an award-winning production company behind such Hollywood films as “Coraline”, “Kubo and the Two Strings”, and “Paranorman”. Leveraging 3D printing to transform the centuries-old art of stop-motion animation, the studio has a rich history with Stratasys. Leveraging additive manufacturing, LAIKA is bringing imagination to life – creating the most realistic, true-to-life 3D printed puppets for its feature films.

Working with Stratasys J750 PolyJet technology, LAIKA develops animated characters with the richest colors, textures, and facial expressions. For “Missing Link”, the production company actually 3D printed more than 300,000 parts on the J750 – from character facial expressions down to the smallest set piece. The J750 is perfectly designed for these film-makers - with true, full-color capability, texture-mapping and color gradients. This results in parts with unmatched look, feel and operation.

Brian McLean, Director of Rapid Prototype at LAIKA recently said, “Being able to have a 3D printer like the Stratasys J750 that’s repeatable and accurate with this full-range of color and materials has afforded us the idea of being able to achieve this shot-by-shot animation. [LAIKA’s relationship with Stratasys] has been reinforced film after film. There’s a level of trust that allows us to continue to push each other in really positive ways and I’m excited to forge this relationship on our next movie”.

And this next step is “Missing Link”, as Stratasys is the ONLY 3D printing technology used by LAIKA during this particular film production.  So when you listen to Hugh Jackman, Zoe Saldana or Zach Galifianakis crack jokes on the big screen, know that it’s Stratasys enabling the most colorful, vibrant and realistic 3D printed characters ever created for feature films.

Want more information on our work with LAIKA? Take a look at our case study, diving deep into the Stratasys – LAIKA relationship and the evolution of 3D printing click here. Then check out detailed information on the Stratasys J750 here – and understand how our technology drives innovation in your industry.

Don’t forget – buy your tickets for “Missing Link” at the box office this weekend – and witness how LAIKA Studios is “Making it with Stratasys”!