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Polyphenylsulfone (PPSU)

FDM Thermoplastic
Resistant to Heat and Chemicals.

PPSU (also known as PPSF) offers elevated properties compared with commodity plastics. It is stronger than polycarbonate but its more notable features include heat and chemical resistance. This makes it a good choice for demanding applications exposed to oils, gas and acids. PPSU can also be sterilized via steam, autoclave, plasma, chemical and radiation methods.

Typical applications

icon prototyping


Concept models, early prototyping and functional prototypes.

icon Tooling


Jigs, fixtures and manufacturing aids.

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Production Parts

Low-volume production and customized parts.

Behaviour and use


Heat Deflection Temperature (HDT)

PPSF 189℃ (372℉)

PC 140℃ (284℉)

PC-ABS 100℃ (212℉)


Compatible Printers



For big parts, large print jobs or a combination of both, rely on the F900, compatible with most Stratasys FDM thermoplastics.

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PPSF safety data sheet

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