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The faster way to better medical devices

Stratasys 3D Printing solutions bring you realistic anatomical models that mimic human tissue and bone. Explore more scenarios in preclinical tests or physician demos. Use them in place of cadavers or animals for more cost-effective and customized medical education or research aids.

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Solutions fit for each patient

Create patient inspired anatomical models on demand. Provide medical staff the ability to train and prepare for procedures with greater efficiency and confidence.

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Rely on Performance

Begin short production runs using the same processes and materials as your mass-produced medical-device product. At a fraction of the cost of machining, you can 3D print smooth, accurate Digital ABS injection molds, tough polycarbonate forming patterns, detailed casting patterns or 3D printed components for a pilot run.

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Speed to Care

Medical device manufacturers can release proven products faster. Stratasys 3D Printing Solutions can help you accelerate product development from 3D printed concept models, to preclinical testing on realistic anatomical models. And they can help you keep production on track throughout the product’s lifespan.

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Sky’s the Limit

If there’s an idea that will help you fly with less weight, reduced complexity, or simpler production, consider it a possibility. Our solutions give you the freedom to produce complex geometries not possible with other manufacturing processes. Our FDM process also allows you to be secure that your produced designs are flightworthy and able to handle the rigors of real-world application.

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Heads Up Solutions

Many times the most complex and demanding aerospace manufacturing needs have limited runs. You don’t need a wholly reworked production line to make them real. With 3D additive manufacturing, you can address customized needs at a fraction of the cost and time.

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Mission Critical

Fabricate topologically-optimized parts with tight engineering specifications at will. We can help you eliminate unnecessary steps and costs of production like machining, lathe work, welding, and tooling without sacrificing product quality, and in many cases, improving it.

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Cleared for Takeoff

Aerospace engineering requires the coordination of very complex systems that are constantly changing and adapting to innovation. We can help you quickly solve design challenges before you commit to expensive and time-consuming tooling and production. Enable faster iteration, decision making, and respond to market changes with, prototypes, jigs, and flight-worthy parts that go from ideas to production with 3D.

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Green-Light Innovative Thinking Without Limits

Unleash the imagination of your designers and manufacturers with solutions that bring their ideas to life, free from the usual time or financial constraints. Shape the way cars are imagined, and produced, from scaled model to real world application.

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Create Big Impact in Small Production Runs

Simply and affordably produce low volume or one-off parts, tools, jigs, and fixtures without wasting valuable resources. With the latest advancements in 3D printed materials, you can produce customized parts for limited use or parts that eventually become street-ready customizations on the final vehicle.

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Simplify production to work smarter

Increase assembly line efficiency while reducing your investment in parts, processes, and materials. 3D printing solutions enable you to create meticulously engineered assembly aids, tools, and parts that are lighter, more ergonomically designed, and able to withstand demanding automotive environments. All without the extra milling, turning, and boring needed in other production models.

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Fast-Track Ideas Into Production

Go from the design studio to the factory floor in a fraction of the time it takes other development processes. Prototype, test, and produce all manner of tools, jigs, fixtures, and street-ready parts with unprecedented speed and efficiency. In many cases you can save months, possibly years, in putting the market in your rear view.

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Streamline From Innovation to Production

Never has the ability to blend aesthetics and function been so immediate. Let your designers produce any form they can imagine, in real space and time. Test and revise at will. It is innovation made real, as soon as you can make it happen.

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Make it Personal

Win customers by building products around individual consumer needs and wants. By keeping your design-to-production process lean, you can cost effectively design and create products for the qualities consumers demand.

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Simplicity is Smart Business

Get better results by removing steps and complexity from your workflow. By producing full-scale prototypes straight from CAD design, your design reviews go smoother with hands-on consumer insight that is more informed.

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Faster is Better

Go from design to prototyping in hours, not days. Blaze through product improvement with rapid prototype revisions. Reduce lead times and IP theft exposure by keeping everything in-house. Then get your tested and proven product into market before the competition knows what hit it.

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Innovating the Dental Industry

Radically reduce delivery times by extracting messy pouring, cutting, and trimming from your process. With 3D dental printing solutions you can completely digitize your process from scanning through restoration. Our solutions integrate with 3Shape, Exocad and Sirona to ensure predictable and reproducible results that provide perfect fit and occlusion.

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Rapid and Accurate Customization

Custom work is the hallmark of dental treatment. Create models with realistic gum texture and color, multiple tooth shades, and simulated nerve endings. With realistic models oral surgeons can better prepare for specific patient procedures, and patients can match tooth shades before final production. Clear Bio-compatible Material, medically approved for temporary in-mouth placement for products such as dental delivery trays.

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Do More With a Trusted Partner

Reliable printers, quality tech support, and long-term partnership with Stratasys are the keys to higher productivity. A partnership with Stratasys eliminates delivery bottlenecks by providing more precision, greater flexibility, and the ability to pursue more business opportunities.

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Faster Delivery in Fewer Steps

Deliver the best care with digital dentistry. No more wasted time, materials, or unnecessary storage. Even the smallest labs can now go straight from intraoral scan to in-house production of dental appliances, creating new models for more streamlined patient experiences. You can cut days off your delivery times and produce more accurate, comfortable, and effective care.

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Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)

Fused Deposition Modeling manufactures prototypes, low-volume production pieces, and manufacturing aids for an expansive range of applications using engineering-grade thermoplastics. This 3D printing technology is commonly used in both prototype and production applications.


PolyJet is a high-resolution additive process capable of printing in multiple materials, colors, and varied shore A hardness. PolyJet is an excellent 3D printing service for presentation models, small prototypes, and master patterns.

Colleges & Universities

Cutting-edge technology can attract the best students and staff in higher education. It provides students a path to gaining critical academic and STEAM skills through hands-on learning. Galvanize an entire campus, generate excitement, inspire collaboration and foster student entrepreneurship with hands-on experiences in professional 3D printing.

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Every researcher strives to advance their field of study. 3D printers are an exceptional tool to illustrate and model findings in vivid detail. With access to multi-material deposition, orientation and precise control of structural aesthetics, researchers can make ideas come to life.

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Career and Technical Education

Experts predict a shortage of skilled workers could lead to millions of unfilled jobs. Globally, manufacturers are counting on career and technical schools to develop programs that attract talented students and prepare them to work in advanced technology sectors using knowledge far beyond what was required a generation ago.

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3D Printers



Certified materials for flight-worthy parts

Design, test and refine ideas fast

Optimize assembly and fast-track innovation

3D printing medical solutions

Reimagine What’s Possible

3D printing solutions are about opening the minds of our engineers, educators, and medical professionals, creating limitless opportunity for our businesses and professions. Stratasys helps you innovate new products, solutions, and techniques through design freedom, iteration, and ingenuity.

One Size Rarely Fits All

In a world where personalization and customization are not just desired, but expected, 3D printing solutions facilitate both. Respond to the need of one market segment, one customer, or one patient. Design the best part or product to fit the need or the manufacturing process. No molding limitations, no machining restrictions, no assembly constraints. Just one solution made just right for your business.

Rely on Performance

3D printing solutions elevate the quality, standards, and integrity of products so your customers delight in a great experience. They streamline workflows, inspire collaboration, and support end-to-end solutions so your organization delivers results through the best experience. Outperform the competition, increase ROI and, most importantly, create ideas that will shape the world.

Be There Yesterday

As the speed of innovation seems to approach that of sound, 3D printing solutions enable faster design cycles, simpler supply chains, and more sustainable practices. Respond quickly to market changes, make informed and rapid decisions, and cut your product lead time from weeks to hours. 3D printing doesn’t just help you keep pace, it lets you defy the limits.

Fly Lighter, Further, Faster

From Idea to Production Line

Design in High Fidelity

Accelerate Medical Device Design

Applications Consulting

You have ideas. Your designs push the limits of additive manufacturing. You need answers to how to validate your product designs, both today and tomorrow, as new processes and materials hit the AM market. Blueprint has the experience and the expertise to help guide your AM design process.

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Meet the Team

The Blueprint team combines deep knowledge of 3D printing with a broad base of both strategy consulting and industry experience. While we all are trained as engineers, we are an eclectic group of designers, strategy consultants and financial wizards who are passionate about helping our clients identify and extract the business value and benefits of Additive Manufacturing.

Meet us

Operations Consulting

When you need to know not if additive manufacturing fits your workflow, but how. You're on the front lines of the production process with a mission to drive efficiencies and generate new applications for the 3D printers you have, or the 3D printers you plan to add.

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Our Portfolio

Strategy Consulting

When it's your mission to drive long-term top-line growth or bottom-line productivity, learn how the Blueprint team can help you identify and implement innovative new products and processes with 3D printing. Gain valuable insight from our tested commercialization models and software workflow solutions.

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Composite Tooling

Forego the high cost and long lead times of traditional composite tooling for 3D printed tools instead. They’re lighter, easily tailored to the specific application and offer disruptive time and cost savings in comparison. For complex and hollow composite structures, 3D printed sacrificial tooling makes the job much easier with a user-friendly, washout process.

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Jigs, Fixtures & Manufacturing Aids

Cut production cycle times and get products to market sooner with faster, more agile tool creation. 3D printed jigs, fixtures and production tools are produced much more quickly, for lest cost and with less material waste than traditionally manufactured tools, regardless of complexity.

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Composite Tooling

Composite tooling doesn’t have to be costly, cumbersome and take months to fabricate. 3D printed composite tooling is a smart alternative for the competitive auto industry. It’s light, less costly and can be produced in hours. For hollow composite structures, 3D printed sacrificial tooling makes the job easy, producing seamless parts without the need for awkward, complex tools.

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Jigs and Fixtures

Cut production cycle times and get products to market sooner with faster, more agile tool creation. 3D printed jigs, fixtures and assembly aids are produced more quickly, for less cost and with easier customization compared with traditional tooling. Streamline productivity with lightweight, ergonomic, easily transported 3D printed tools.

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Injection Molding

Design validation for your 3D printed injection molded parts is no small matter when it comes to functional prototypes and low-volume manufacturing. Moldex3D is CAE software that allows for high-fidelity simulation of flow-front animation, mold temperature variation and distribution and stress concentration. Optimize the number of parts for printing by verifying the mold design before printing.

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Composite Tooling

Oreck uses 3D printed assembly fixtures to aid in the assembly of vacuum components, reducing their fixture production costs by up to 65%. Using standard CAD tools, the company is able to quickly design custom fixtures and bypass costly silicone or epoxy molds and urethane castings with inserts. The ability to quickly replace a damaged or worn fixture is another advantage to their in-house 3D printing capabilities.

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Cut Production Cost

Enhance Quality

Improve Ergonomics

Speed Medical Breakthroughs

Jigs and Fixtures

Medical device company, Cardiovascular Systems, Inc. (CSI), product developers work closely with manufacturers to ensure their welding processes for specific tools are optimal. The ability to 3D print test fixtures gives them confidence everything will perform the way they should once the fixtures are used in a production environment. 3D printing these fixtures provides CSI with improved production quality and greater work-flow efficiencies.

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