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truth about speed

How fast is fast enough?

Fast. Fast is a great buzzword to use to make a technology sound great and exciting, but it can be misleading. We want our technology to perform and perform now, but fast is not a specific enough word to describe the nature of a technology. There are so many factors and outside elements that affect how a technology performs, and fast simply cannot describe all of them. Many technologies can be extremely fast according to their specifications, but it's easier to just say that technology is slow comparatively.

Over the next nine pages, we're going to discuss the truth about speed. We'll cover what goes into the process of naming a technology 'fast', we'll discuss the comparative factors of automated versus manual, build time variance, and time's effect on speed. To wrap we will discuss the unfair 'time buckets' that are used in industry to lump technologies as fast or slow. With so many factors and elements that make a technology fast or slow, we want you to have a realistic understanding of what goes into those classifications. Download the whitepaper to learn more.