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Composite tooling

High-performance thermoplastics offer efficiencies and design flexibility.

Progress and innovation are two of the most positive words in the English language, when it comes to evolution and becoming better as a society, progress and innovation are at the core. This applies to bettering industries as well, industries that thrive are ones that are constantly searching for ways to progress and innovate, make procedures better, faster, and smarter, the advanced composites industry is no different. With the inherently time consuming and costly conventional tooling procedure, it is imperative that the industry strives to find faster and cheaper options, which they have done with additive manufacturing.

Over the next fourteen pages, we'll be discussing the efficiencies and design flexibility that high-performance thermoplastics offer to composite tooling. We'll discuss tool design, production, and use, as well as, testing and characterization, and results. This information will explain just how innovative and progressive additive manufacturing for composite tooling is and why you should implement it in your business. Download the whitepaper to learn more.