3D Printing Ensures Custom Rubber Masking Molds Have Proper Form and Fit

Many components in the automotive, off-highway equipment and defense industries such as agricultural and military vehicle chassis and underbodies, household appliances, electrical housings, and manufacturing and mining equipment are coated for protection against corrosion and other environmental hazards. Irregularly shaped features like threaded studs and weld nuts must also be covered and sealed, or “masked,” during the coating process to maintain accurate fit and function, which can prove difficult.

Wisconsin-based Engineered Products and Services, Inc. (EPSI) is a leader in designing and manufacturing masking solutions, and produces custom rubber masks molded to fit any geometry that must be covered during coating. Unlike traditional methods like taping, which can take considerable time and effort, EPSI’s custom rubber masks can protect complex geometries without the risk of damaging the part or contaminating the coating solution.

Production molded parts attached to a steel part

Production molded parts attached to a steel part.

“Our ability to provide a printed sample soon after the customer inquired showed many of these customers how much time they could save by using a rubber mask.”

Chad Cushman, EPSI