Dunwoody College of Technology 3D Printing Case Study


Students Gain High-Demand Skills with 3D Printing at Dunwoody College of Technology

Dunwoody College of Technology (Dunwoody) was founded in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1914 with the vision to provide a rigorous, industry-focused technical education. As the oldest and only non-profit technical college in the region, Dunwoody has garnered an international reputation for its successful approach.

Dunwoody incorporates hands-on, applied learning with 3D printing playing a key part in the curriculum. Students learn critical thinking along with practical, real-world skills that are in high demand. “In the last three years, there has been a huge momentum increase in 3D printing at Dunwoody and students want programs centered on it,” said E.J. Daigle, Dean of Robotics & Manufacturing at Dunwoody.


Students verify and refine their designs with accurate, durable 3D printed prototypes.

“3D printing accelerates the lesson, focusing students on the design and engineering, rather than personal craftsmanship. And students can use more complex geometry and curves, because they are not limited to what they can do with subtractive methods and hand tools.”

Alex Wong, Dunwoody College of Technology