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Post-processing and finishing methods for stereolithography 3D printed parts.

Post processing and finishing methods to optimize your SL 3D printed parts.

Post processing and finishing methods

Stereolithography (SL) is a 3D printing technology used for building prototypes, tooling or casting patterns. SL technology is renowned for building parts with extremely smooth surfaces and intricate detail. This is ideally suited for industries that want part quality without the part preparation time. Once a build is complete and supports removed, stereolithography parts may appear finished. However, SL 3D printed parts still require an element of post-processing to either improve the mechanical properties or to enhance the cosmetics of the design, if required.

Download this ebook to learn more about the stereolithography workflow and the steps required to post-process and finish a SL 3D printed part. Also learn about the methods that can be used for design customization or to further strengthen the part for your specific application.