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J5 DentaJet: Hands Down the Best Solution for a Variety of Dental Laboratory Applications

Benjamin Huss
Benjamin Huss September 05, 2022
September 05, 2022

By Benjamin Huss

Dental labs are focused mainly on quality and productivity, and for good reason. 3D printing has become a critical lab process, so labs need the ability to print a large quantity of parts in a short time. Additionally, there must be consistent quality throughout these parts.

So how can dental labs print this large number of highly accurate parts in the shortest amount of time? With the J5 DentaJet.

The J5 DentaJet has an exceptionally large build tray for its footprint and with a recent, free-of-charge upgrade, the printer is now twice as fast, with multi-material trays produced at the same high quality.

What else does the J5 DentaJet offer in addition to efficiency and throughput gains?

Accuracy: PolyJet printing has been proven to be one of the highest accuracy printing methods in the industry.1

Multiple applications on a single tray. Many dental labs are producing models for implant cases or removable partial denture (RPD) cases. Both applications require different types of materials for each of the parts in the case. The J5 DentaJet enables you to print with multiple materials on the same tray, including a rigid, opaque implant model, a soft gingiva mask, and a rigid, transparent and biocompatible surgical guide printed on the same tray, each with a different material.

Clean and safe. With most 3D printing technologies, the system operator directly interacts with hazardous, non-cured resins. With PolyJet printing, there is no contact between the operator and uncured resin. Post processing of parts in other technologies involves the use of caustic isopropyl alcohol, whereas with PolyJet, the parts are cleaned using water pressure.

Agile. Print the parts you need, when you need them. With fast print times and multi-material mixed trays, labs have the agility to produce parts based on need. Users can load a tray of one type of model and switch to another requirement seamlessly. With the addition of the High-Quality High-Speed print mode, the J5 DentaJet can print a small quantity of parts as fast as DLP systems.

Improved Productivity. Unattended operation, fewer changeovers, less touch-time to load and a large print tray. You can load one tray and walk away, confident that the parts will be printed without needing to be overseen.

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