Architectural model 3D printed with soluble support material

The small window openings in this architectural model were made possible with soluble support material.

Enabling Complex 3D Printed Structures

Breakaway and soluble support materials let you create complex 3D printed parts and models with no restrictions on geometry.

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Breakaway and Soluble Support Materials

Support materials are available in breakaway and soluble forms. They make it possible to create detailed geometries with overhangs and small, intricate openings. Breakaway support structures are manually removed and do not require the use of cleaning tanks. Soluble support dissolves in a detergent bath for hands-free productivity.

Support Materials

Support Materials

Soluble support helps iRobot prototype new products

Buying More Time

irobot gets more productive with soluble support

Once technicians at iRobot started using hands-free soluble support material on their PolyJet prototypes, they found they had more time to produce additional parts.

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