Air Duct 3D Printed with Stratasys Anterro Material

The benefits of PEKK, the design freedom of FDM

Antero 800NA PEKK-based thermoplastic combines FDM's design freedom and ease of use with the excellent mechanical properties and low outgassing characteristics of PEKK material.

High-performance PEKK-based material

Antero 800NA PEKK-based thermoplastic possesses excellent mechanical properties that include high strength, high heat resistance, toughness and wear-resistance. These superior qualities make it a lighter alternative to aluminum and steel. Chemical resistance and minimal outgassing provide suitability for aerospace applications.


a hourglass graphic that represents tensile

Tensile Strength, Yield

93 MPa (XZ Axis) 46 MPa (ZX Axis)

a hourglass graphic that represents tensile

tensile modulus

3095 MPa (XZ Axis) 34,834 MPa (ZX Axis)

a fire graphic that represents heat

HDT @66 psi

150 °C

a chain link graphic that represents strength

Notched Impact

37 J/m (XZ Axis) 27 J/m (ZX Axis)

Antero 800NA

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