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High-Speed Concept Modeling Material
For Concept Applications

DraftGrey is a rigid material used exclusively with the Super High Speed print mode for concept modeling. Models will have a medium opacity and smooth finish.

Cost-Effective High Speed Performance

Printing at 2x the speed of High Speed mode with a 57 microns layer thickness, DraftGrey is the cheapest and fastest way to model on Stratasys PolyJet printers.

Typical applications

icon prototyping


Concept models to test multiple forms in a quick timeframe

Performance properties

Rigid material with shore value 83-86 and tensile strength of 50-65 MPa

Support structure SUP705 (water jet removable) or SUP706B (soluble)

Compatible printers

j850 1000x350


Shorten print time for concept models using Super High Speed print mode.

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DraftGrey™ safety data sheet