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Somos PerFORM HW SL Material

Somos® PerFORM™ HW

Somos® PerFORM HW is a DLP-optimized version of the industry-leading Somos® PerFORM, which offers high stiffness and high temperature performance that is required for applications such as tools for injection molding. Somos® PerFORM HW is robust and offers high dimensional stability and low warpage. This resin is also ideal for applications that require steady performance in high pressure and harsh environments such as parts for wind tunnel testing.
Key Benefits
  • check High stiffness
  • check Excellent detail resolution
  • check Superior high heat tolerance
  • check Fast printing, easy processing and finishing
  • check High accuracy, low warpage to meet critical fit requirements


Tooling / injection molding, low volume manufacturing

Electrical casings, consumer electronics

Consumer medical applications, personalized consumer medical applications


High temperature testing – functional prototyping

Jigs and fixtures

Wind tunnel testing


Origin® One Material Comparison


Somos® PerFORM™ HW DataSheet


Compatible Printers

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Origin® One

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This is also compatible with 385 and 405 nm open DLP and LCD printers.