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Optical sensor housing P3 Deflext 190 ESD

P3™ Deflect™ 190 ESD

High temperature resistant resin with HDT of 190°C, electrostatic dissipative properties (ESD), and high stiffness.
Developed for Origin® One with Henkel®, it offers a smooth surface finish and high chemical resistance, making it an ideal choice for jigs and fixtures in electronic and general manufacturing. Additionally, its unique characteristics make it a reliable option for tooling applications, offering versatile solutions for manufacturing needs.

This material will be commercially available for Origin® One in 2024.
Key Features
  • check Displays electrostatic dissipative properties (ESD)
  • check High HDT of 190°C
  • check High accuracy and fine detail printing
  • check Black color

Industries And Applications


Consumer Goods


Tooling at high temperature, low pressure

Jigs and fixtures for electronic device manufacturing processes

High temperature solder reflow

Electrical housings and sleeves


P3™ Deflect™ 190 ESD Datasheet


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