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Thanks for your interest in 3D printing for manufacturing. See the cost, complexity and light-weighting benefits on your factory floor.

7 Benefits of 3D printing in manufacturing

92% cost savings

Tooling for metal parts can cost between $4,500 and $18,000. 3D print parts for $600 to $1,000, saving up to 92%.

50-70% Lighter

3D print strong carbon fiber parts that are 50-70% lighter than traditional steel. Get lightweight, durable parts ideal for the harsh production environment.

97% less time

Reduce turnaround time 97% like market leader Xerox by 3D printing jigs and fixtures instead of traditional machinin

$0 for Complexity

Complexity of parts is free when you 3D print pockets, holes, ribs, difficult undercuts, narrow channels, multi-part assemblies and hollow parts without tooling.

75% Saved on Inventory

3D printing parts as needed can mean zero inventory, resulting in an average savings of 75%.

100 percent Fit-for-Purpose

Custom 3D printed jigs and fixtures fit your exact operators’ needs and production environment 100% of the time.

6000 Extra Hours

Add 24/7 3D printing to your production cycle and benefit from 6,000 extra hours of unmanned production time.


The 7 Benefits


The Strength of Carbon Fiber

Manufacturing has a whole new tool in 3D printing


3D Printed Jigs and Fixtures

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