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Origin® One 3D Printer

Next-level part production starts here.
origin one 3d printer
A transformative 3D printer enabling flexible production of end-use parts in a diverse range of high-performance materials. Achieve industry-leading accuracy, consistency, detail and throughput with the P3™ Programmable Photopolymerization technology. Get ready for a new era of 3D printing.

Origin One Materials

It takes an ecosystem to transform an industry. Stratasys works with leading chemical companies to co-develop innovative photopolymers in several categories to unlock end-use applications in 3D printing. Choose from a wide range of single component, commercial-grade materials, developed on and validated for Origin One. Resins are engineered to be easy to handle and rapidly post-processed, with long shelf lives.

Material categories

high temperature resistant 3d printed part

High Temperature

Materials for application-specific requirements such as flame smoke and toxicity, high-HDT or mold durability.

printed part


Impact resistant resins for functional applications that need to perform under stress and high-load conditions.

tough 3d printed part

General Purpose

Fast printing materials for end-use applications requiring cosmetic surfaces, fine features and high accuracy.

3D printed part with cosmetic


Resilient high-resolution elastomers for applications requiring excellent tear strength or rebound performance.

Origin OML Exploratory Materials circle


Materials for specialty applications such as those requiring ESD properties, ceramic attributes or castability.

Origin One Materials

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Origin One Delivers

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Volume production

An optimized build volume, compact footprint, and minimal power requirements enable manufacturers to maximize production capacity per sq ft efficiently. Scale up production with modular hardware and post-process in minutes versus hours to produce parts at scale.

origin one block 3d printing

Features big and small

Gain ultimate production flexibility with short or long builds and fast material swaps. Easily print features as small as a hair or solid large molds in the size of the build area with the same exceptional accuracy and consistency.

Group 12

Return on investment

Achieve a low per-part cost with a fast time to part, affordable single component resins, minimal post-processing, low waste and high production yields. Seamlessly move from prototyping to production on the same platform.


Origin One workflow in two minutes

GrabCAD Print for Origin One

Best of both with GrabCAD Print for Origin One.

GrabCAD Print for the Origin One enables users to prepare files for printing based on application requirements or print time. Additional features include labeling, advanced material management, and access to open materials via the OpenAM™ parameter set. 

Coming soon:  Automatic and advanced manual support generation for precision performance.

Origin one 3d printer applications

Take on the most demanding applications.

From biocompatible medical devices to aerospace-grade components and everything in between, Origin One enables breakthrough production applications. Discover how Origin One customers have harnessed P3 technology and materials from Stratasys material ecosystem partners to extend capabilities and create new business opportunities.


Programmable PhotoPolymerization ​P3™

An evolution of digital light processing, P3 powers the Origin One. The tightly synchronized print process includes pneumatic controls to reduce pull forces during the print process, resulting in exceptional surface quality, without sacrificing speed or isotropy. Coupled with an advanced 4K light engine, P3 enables the highest 3D printed part quality and throughput the industry has seen.

adapterandconnectorWebinarImage web

Get the right fit with adapters and connectors on Origin One.

Learn everything you need to know to get started 3D printing small, fine-detailed parts like adapters, connectors, and cable clips on the Origin One in this technical deep dive, hosted by Tim Downing, Application Engineering Manager, and InterPRO Additive's General Manager, Dan Straka. 

origin one section o

Designing for Stratasys Origin One.

Origin One is capable of printing difficult geometries without supports, fine features, and solid cross-sections, with excellent surface quality comparable to injection molding. However, like traditional manufacturing processes, there are guidelines that result in the highest yields, optimal quality and reduced post-processing labor.

Origin One Textured Cylinders Printing

Next-level surface quality starts here.

This textured cylinder demonstrates the exceptional surface quality and detail of the P3™ process combined with a strong and durable material, ST-45 by BASF. Commercial-grade production parts are now possible with P3 on the Origin One.


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