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Nylon 12 PA

Multi Jet Fusion (MJF)

Nylon 12 PA
Nylon 12 PA material is tough and chemically resistant, making it a good choice in a broad variety of applications and operating environments. Nylon 12 PA made with the Multi Jet Fusion process also delivers mechanical properties that are more isotropic when compared to Nylon 12 materials built with other 3D printing processes.

Key features

  • Best surface resolution/feature details with powder bed fusion technology
  • Fully dense and nearly isotropic mechanical properties
  • Excellent chemical resistance to oils, greases and other hydro-carbons
  • Low unit cost for batches of smaller parts


  • Vehicles electronic system housings, guides, grommets, clips, connectors & covers
  • Vessels for fuel, oil housings and washer fluid
  • Environmental control system components like fan housings, plenums, ducting, valves, diverters and vents

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