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India (English)
India (English)

Industry Pioneers in 3D Printing

A tenured team of experts driving technical advancements since the industry’s birth.


Dedicated Experts

In 2014, global 3D printing company Stratasys combined established service providers Solid Concepts, RedEye and Harvest Technologies to form Stratasys Direct Manufacturing. Together, we became the innovative leader of 3D printing and advanced manufacturing services.

Over our combined three decades of industry experience, we’ve honed our engineering and manufacturing expertise across a range of additive and conventional technologies. As true pioneers in 3D printing, we have developed processes and materials that optimize and enhance what can be achieved in manufacturing.

We leverage seven manufacturing locations and the largest capacity in North America to ensure every customers’ project is a success. Serving tens of thousands of customers at all stages of product development, we make it easier for businesses to bring quality products to market faster.


97% Cost Savings

Dr. Dana Piasecki calculated using the DMLS process for their surgical tool to be significantly cheaper when compared to investment casting the desired quantity of tools.


30 YEARS of Expertise

Since the infancy of 3D printing, Stratasys Direct Manufacturing has made it easier for businesses to bring quality products to market faster.


In 2014, Stratasys acquired Harvest Technologies & Solid Concepts, two of the most respected and successful service providers in the U.S. Combined with [Stratasys owned] Redeye, the consolidated operation, called Stratasys Direct Manufacturing, is one of the most formidable, diversified service providers in the world.