TECHNOLOGY: SAF™ Selective Absorption Fusion

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SAF technology is the power behind the soon-to-be-released H Series production platform, designed for production-level throughput of end-use parts.

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What is SAF?

SAF technology empowers a powder-based additive manufacturing process that employs industrial-grade technology to achieve higher levels of production of end-use parts. SAF is the technology behind the upcoming H Series™ production platform that provides broad capability to control the print process to achieve accurate, consistent production at competitive part costs.

How it works:

SAF technology uses an infrared-sensitive HAF High Absorbing Fluid to fuse particles of polymer powder together in discreet layers to build parts .It uses Big Wave™ powder management, a proprietary technology that includes powder distribution across a bed, where industrial-grade piezoelectric print heads jet the fluid in prescribed areas to create each layer of the part. This is followed by exposure to infrared energy, which causes the areas with HAF to melt and fuse together. The sequence is repeated until the parts are completed.

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The H Series production platform with SAF technology provides the accuracy, repeatability and process control essential for consistent production and competitive part costs. Read our Solution Guide to go more in depth about how the H Series platform with SAF technology is the optimal choice for producing additive-manufactured parts at scale.


Industrial-grade technology.

Industrial piezoelectric print heads and innovative powder management designed for durability and high uptime.

Production throughput.

One-pass print-and fuse, few consumable replacements for minimal downtime and high nesting densities to meet production demands.

End-use production parts.

Real-time powder heating, unique thermal management and broad powder range for a wide spectrum of part properties.

This is additive manufacturing on a new level.

This is additive manufacturing on a new level.

The world is changing fast. Manufacturing is evolving - to be more resilient, more agile, and more adaptable. The H Series Production Platform from Stratasys gives you the additive production capabilities to emerge ahead.

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SAF technology - putting additive manufacturing on a new level

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SAF is the industrial-grade powder bed fusion technology that empowers you to leverage additive manufacturing for production-level throughput of end-use parts. To receive updates as we move closer to the launch of the H Series production platform with SAF technology, fill out the form.