Siemens AG in Karlsruhe uses 3D printing to develop innovative automation solutions for the production environment

The Siemens AG Manufacturing Karlsruhe (MFK) site, located in Karlsruhe in Germany, has strict regulations which apply to all production components, intended to safeguard againstelectrostatic discharge and guarantee high product quality. The MF-K site also promotes flexibility and innovation – and therefore invested in Stratasys additive manufacturing technology. Using a Fortus 450mc™ and Stratasys’ ABSESD7™  material, innovative automation solutions are developed. This gives the MF-K the ability to produce additive components quickly, making it more flexible and adding value. Functionspreviously unattainable through conventional manufacturing methods can now be realized. 

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For robot grippers, additive manufacturing has advantages over conventional methods. The grippers can be designed compactly and applications such as complex vacuumchannels in the basic body can be realised.

“Stratasys offers additive manufacturing materials that comply with European ESD standards and enable reliable and repeatable 3D printing.”

Benjamin Heller, Siemens Digital Industries