iRobot Cleans Up with SUP706

iRobot is a leader in designing and building robots that empower people to do more in their daily lives. Widely known for robots that keep floors, pools and gutters squeaky clean, iRobot has sold more than 15 million home robots, including the Roomba and Braava Mopping Robot.

iRobot is also an industry pioneer in advancing robotics and fueling breakthrough research and innovation. Equipped with outstanding resources, iRobot develops new products at a blistering pace with the help of both FDM and PolyJet technologies. By adding SUP706 soluble support to their workflow, these experts in automated home cleaning can now capitalize on a more automated, efficient product design process.

Roomba 980 in action

Roomba 980 in action.

“Soluble support SUP706 has greatly reduced time and labor in our workflow process...We can build more prototypes faster, which helps us reduce the time required to bring innovative products to market.”

Hiten Sonpal, iRobot