In’Tech Industries 3D Printing Case Study


Scalable, Continuous Production Opens New Opportunities for In'Tech Industries

3D printing empowers manufacturers big and small to innovate and reduce time to market. But not every manufacturer owns a 3D printer. Those that don’t turn to sources like In’Tech Industries (In’Tech) to fill that need.

In’Tech specializes in manufacturing plastic parts and offers engineering, tooling, injection molding and additive manufacturing services. According to Jason Lilla, In’Tech regional account manager, there’s a growing number of manufacturers that need additive manufacturing capabilities for rapid prototyping, or a bridge to production before final injection molding is complete. “We’re interested in a share of that market and hopefully we can help people get their parts quicker for testing fit, form and function,” said Lilla.


Completed parts are collected in the catch bins.

“We can run all nine print engines on one part to speed throughput or we can run them individually. It gives us greater flexibility to meet the customer’s needs."

Mark Neilson, In’Tech Industries