3D Printed TransRoPorter Supports Space Exploration

Mars, the mysterious red planet, has always been a fascination. Over 40 space probes have already been sent to Mars, but the question still remains; does life exist on our neighboring planet? The unmanned flight to Mars has been a long-term goal of several leading space agencies. Most notably NASA and its space shuttle Orion, the European Space Agency (ESA) with program Aurora and the Russian Space Agency Roskosmos, while India and China also join this reputable contingent.

At the German Aerospace Center, the exploration of Mars is also a hot topic. Acting on behalf of the German government within the national space program, the German Aerospace Center is responsible for research and contributions to the ESA, and tasked with developing long-term research goals.

TransRoPorter Prototype with FDM 3D printed components.

TransRoPorter Prototype with FDM 3D printed components.

“We decided to 3D print the TransRoPorter prototype, which offered us the least expensive, fastest and most elegant solution. Everyone involved in the project is delighted with the outcome.”

Dr. Kaj Fuehrer, Head of System Building Technology South