Elkamet Case Study


Elkamet Embraces 3D Printing to Maximize Design and Production-Floor Efficiencies

Quality is one of the core pillars driving the success at Elkamet Kunststofftechnik GmbH, a German plastic part manufacturer with a heritage dating back to 1955. The family-owned business has globalized its manufacturing efforts and produces extruded profiles for vehicle and lighting industries, impact-resistant plastic parts for outdoor lighting and much more. Servicing various industries with many different parts, the company faces the constant challenge of producing high-quality parts in as little time as possible. To uphold its quality reputation, Elkamet invested in 3D printers to speed-up in-house design and production processes.



“Our customers are continuously asking for quicker delivery and shorter lead times, and now that we have seen what 3D printing technology is capable of, we hope to expand our services with the technology in the future.“

Mathias Sturma, Elkamet Kunststofftechnik GmbH