Increased Capacity for Biogenic; the Right Technology in 3D Printing Provides the Competitive Edge

Longevity in any business is never guaranteed. The companies that achieve it evolve with the market and make the right business choices that keep them ahead of their competition. Biogenic Dental Corporation (Biogenic) is one such example. Biogenic, a full-service dental lab located in Utica, New York, has been in business since 1906, so making sound choices is a skill it has mastered. One of those key choices involved embracing 3D printing for partial frame production, primarily to adapt to the attrition of skilled employees.

Examples of Biogenic’s 3D printed partial frameworks.

Examples of Biogenic’s 3D printed partial frameworks.

“We switched from the competitor system to Stratasys because the Stratasys system is much more efficient.”

Bob Belouin, Biogenic Dental Corporation President