PolyJet technology propels high-requirement prototyping


Creating a Competitive Edge

A leader in the field of water-measurement solutions, the Arad Group (Arad) designs, manufactures and sells cutting-edge water meters to residential, bulk, irrigation and water- management companies around the world. The company manufactures more than 500,000 units a year, and operates an in-house manufacturing plant using a sophisticated testing and quality-control method.

To increase its competitive edge, Arad looked to PolyJet 3D Printing to help develop smart water meters. Bringing the technology in-house means quickly 3D printing prototypes. More interestingly, it also enables Arad to 3D print injection molds for low-volume runs, which means functional testing can take place with the intended production material and process.

Injection molded part being ejected from 3D printed mold.

Injection molded part ejected from 3D printed mold.

“3D printing injection molds enabled us to quickly produce functional prototypes that we could test in the field, dramatically reducing our time to market.”

Avi Zelig, Arad Group