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SAF Technology - Design Guide - Engineer designing parts for the H350 3D Printer.
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Print Consistent Parts, Time After Time, with the SAF™ Technology Design Guide

SAF Technology Design Guide


This comprehensive design guide provides clear information on how to achieve the best outcome with the advanced options which the H350 printer provides. 

This includes topics such as: how to achieve fine feature resolution, clear embossing and text, precise sizing, superior aesthetics with smooth surfaces, accuracy and consistency.

With clear illustrations and easy-to-understand instructions to incorporate into your designs for the best results, you will soon be producing high-quality products that exceed your expectations.

What you'll find in this guide:

  • Accuracy Compensation = scaling factors, maximum part size, border shaving, fine feature resolution

  • Nesting = minimum model spacing, mechanical properties - orientation, aesthetics - orientation, depowdering features, clearances and fits, printing parts to assemble, labels and text, embossed or debossed, pixel stepping

  • Design for SAF = powder removal, threads and inserts, texturing, design for nesting

Design Guide


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