Evaluate the Opportunity

Companies like yours may be just beginning or expanding the foray into 3D printing but may have trouble justifying the commitment. That's why we've developed a high level opportunity evaluation service, which allows us to expedite a thorough review of your business.

Our evaluation includes an organizational structure review, explores the implications of external drivers and megatrends, assesses the capacity changes required within your business, and highlights sales growth and cost savings opportunities. You will gain a clear roadmap of the path forward in your 3D printing journey.

Additional services can help you to focus on the areas that matter most to your success including:

  • Innovation workshops to help your people turn good product and service ideas into great 3D printing ideas
  • Facility walk-throughs to evaluate your facilities and find 3D printing applications that will improve your operational efficiency
  • Data analysis to help identify bottlenecks, waste, and costly inventory that could be significantly reduced by using 3D printing solutions


  • Understanding whether 3D printing presents a significant threat or opportunity to your current business practices
  • Understanding where 3D printing could contribute towards topline sales growth
  • Understanding where 3D printing could be used to cut cost, reduce waste and grow bottom-line profitability
  • Identifying next steps to implement 3D printing in a structured, cost bound and time bound manner

Other Expert Services

Other Expert Services

People discussing the advantages of 3D Printing

The adoption of 3D printing as an engine for growth and innovation is reaching levels that make disruption very real.

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