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The ultimate goal of every researcher is to advance their field of study. Research councils are looking to fund projects that span multiple disciplines. Creating prototypes to illustrate findings in vivid detail with realistic 3D models leaves a lasting – and potentially valuable – impression. And that’s just one example of how 3D printing is accelerating the field of research.

  • Dr. Chris Williams

    Department of Engineering
    Virginia Tech

  • Joni Mici

    Creative Machines Lab
    Columbia University

  • Skylar Tibbits

    Self-Assembly Lab

  • Jack Stubbs

    Associate Director, Human Performance in Healthcare
    University of Central Florida

“Voxel Print allowed us to invent new materials much faster than we had planned and opened a door to new possibilities for our research students.”

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"Voxel Print gives you 750 billion possibilities for voxels. It's the key to unlocking true manufacturing freedom. It will allow my lab to one day print fully integrated electro-mechanical systems, robots or drones that can fly or crawl out of a 3D printer."

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“With multi-material 3D printing you can deposit multiple materials and add a new capability, which is can transform from one shape to another directly on their own… you completely print this part, and it can transform into something else.”

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"We use 3D printed models for students to practice not only anatomy identification, but also give them combined models where they can actually do some surgical procedures and practice those procedures before they go into an OR or an animal lab."

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Shifting Paradigms, 4D Printing Research

A radical shift in rapid prototyping, discover this unique research focusing on self-assembly technologies for large-scale structures in physical environments.

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Experiential Learning, Medical Innovation

The Jacobs Institute, a leader in vascular health, uses patient-specific 3D printed models to improve trainee competencies and patient outcomes.

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Stratasys resellers are available to help you bring 3D printing into your classroom or research lab. They partner with you to offer the right solution for your needs.

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3D Printing Resources

Factory of the Future

New 3D printing innovations are transforming manufacturing by significantly changing cost structures, opening new markets and disrupting supply chains. Prepare your students for the factory of the future by enabling their proficiency in advanced 3D printing technologies.

students looking at 3D printed designs in a classroom
Designing & 3D Printing in Color

In this 30-minute webinar, learn how an instructor and two students at East Stroudsburg University are using the Stratasys J750 3D Printer to broaden student learning.

elegant, and higly detailsed, elaborate 3D printed parts
3D Printing Now and Beyond

3D printing has evolved from emerging technology to the point where it’s revolutionizing manufacturing, from aerospace to automotive, education to medical. Explore this evolution and how 3D printing is unleashing design creativity in this white paper.